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LMS - Social Prachar

A student LMS is a digital platform that centralizes course materials, communication, and assessment tools for students. It enhances the learning experience by promoting accessibility, engagement, and progress tracking in a user-friendly interface.

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Mentorship is a relationship-based learning process where experienced individuals guide and support others in their personal and professional development. Through mentorship, mentees gain valuable insights, knowledge, and guidance, empowering them to achieve their goals.

Raise a Ticket

Raising a ticket is a formal process where individuals report an issue, problem, or request for assistance in a structured manner. By raising a ticket, individuals enable efficient tracking, resolution, and communication, ensuring that their concerns.

Request For Certificate

Getting a certificate involves obtaining official recognition for completing a course, program, or training, validating one's knowledge and skills in a specific field. By acquiring a certificate, individuals enhance their credentials, improve career prospects, and gain evidence of their accomplishment